My Story

At 15 years old, I noticed a small lump developing in the lower part of my abdomen. At first, I didn’t think too much of it and figured it was just a result of my body naturally changing. As time passed, that lump continued to grow month by month, until it appeared that a golf ball was bulging out mybody. Upon my first visit to a gynecologist, I was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital for testing to determine the cause of the mass. To my surprise, the mass was actually a blood clot in one of my uteri. I had been born with two uterus (uterus didelphys) and one kidney, yet I was just finding out about it for the first time.

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After having surgery to drain the blood clot and keep my uteri intact,  I continued to live a fairly normal life health-wise. Occasionally, one uterus would be on one schedule, and the other on a separate week which eventually began to take a toll on me. I was immediately placed on birth control to regulate my cycle, which then created many other health complications such as pre-cancerous cervical cells, ruptured cysts, depression, a shot libido and no cycle at all. After not having a period for 5 years and learning more about the dangers of birth control, I decided to take a holistic approach and transitioned off of the pill. This lifestyle change not only improved my reproductive health, but it changed my entire life.

So what does Dezi actually do?

Besides being an avid BeyHive member, I’m a 28 year-old New Yorker at heart who migrated to Miami. I have a Master of Science in Global Strategic Communication, currently working in the tech industry as a Senior Social Media Specialist. I have a passion for creating, connecting, and sharing tips that help me live a fulfilled life.