THIS is how I feel knowing I made my last student loan payment… ????!⁣

I finished undergrad in 2013 and grad school in 2016. In total, I paid off $53,570.25 which finally gave me a positive net worth. For a while, I was like many people who paid the minimum on my loans as the interest continued to pile up… until I decided not to.⁣

I ordered my debts from smallest to largest and started attacking the smallest one thanks to the Dave Ramsey snowball method. I followed my digital budget template, giving EVERY DOLLAR a purpose and intention. I sold stocks, took up about 5 side hustles, did more brand work – whatever I could do. Then, a shift happened… opportunities to make more money began falling in my lap.⁣

I was grateful for the process, not hateful against it, and I truly believe that’s why things began to work in my favor. I hope my testimony inspires you – the student loan debt crisis is real and is affecting millions of people. You got this.


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