How to Register for Miami Carnival

If you know me, you know that I love the spirit of Carnival! Whenever I post about Carnival, I get so many questions about when is it, how to register, when can you select your costumes, etc. So I figured I’d make a post with how to register for Miami Carnival. Miami Carnival is much smaller compared to other locations, so if you’re new to this, Miami is the perfect place to get your feet wet. Let me break it down for you:

Miami Carnival 2019 will be on Sunday, October 13th. For other Carnival dates, check out this Carnival Calendar

Select a Band – Your band is the organization that you’re going to “jump” or “play mas” (masquerade) with. Your band is responsible for your entire Carnival experience – the costume you select, the people you’re surrounded by, the DJs who will be on the road with you, etc. Each year, bands choose their theme and design sections around it. One band can have multiple sections (costumes). If you’re looking to do Carnival with a group, make sure you all select the same band so that you can be together.

I always jump with GenXCarnival! They are an all-inclusive band, meaning your drinks are also included in the price of your costume. They are one of the longest-running bands in Miami, meaning they know what they’re doing. The vibes are always amazing with this crew (above is a picture of us during Jamaica Carnival).

Attend Mas Band Launch – Mas band launch is essentially a party and fashion show all in one. During band launch, you’ll be the first to see all the costumes available for this band. Remember how I said 1 band can have multiple sections? Well, each section can have multiple costumes: Frontline, Backline, and occasionally Midline. Frontline is fully loaded with a backpack (feathers), collar, arm pieces, leg pieces, etc. Backline will have a similar design, just not as extravagant. Midline will be somewhere in between the two.

I strongly suggest attending because you can see the costumes up close and personal (and trust me, you WANT to see them). If you can’t attend in person, be on the lookout for a live stream of the event.

Select your Section – Place Deposit or Pay in Full! Now that you’ve seen all the costumes, decide which section you want and place your deposit online. Placing a deposit allows you to enter into a payment plan and locks you into this band/section. Different sections within the band may be more exclusive and offer different amenities (such as @LovePeaceSoca). Amenities could include a dope goodie bag, expedited costume pickup, etc. While the band you select is important, being a part of a private section takes your experience up a notch. For me, I know the girls in LovePeaceSoca aka the #PumpTeam and I will always have an amazing time.

Pick up your Costume at Mas Camp – A week or so before Carnival, your costume will be ready at Mas Camp! Your band will post communication as to when/where you will go to pick it up, so you can see your costume in person. Usually, there is a schedule so that certain sections pick up on specific days, or you can have someone pick it up for you. You’ll also get your wristbands for Carnival itself and BAM! You are ready.

Remember, this is a very high-level overview of how to register. If you guys are interested in more tips for the day-of, leave me a comment below so I know to do another post! In the meantime, get yourself accustomed to the music you’ll be hearing at Carnival below!

Can’t wait to see you on di road!


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