Hobby, Job, Career, Vocation.

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking at Miramar High School for the Women of Tomorrow Lady Boss Event.  I discussed my education, where I work now and how I pursue my passion projects on the side. I was on a panel with so many other amazing women who discussed their careers,  some who always knew what they wanted to be. For me, it was the complete opposite! In high school, in college and maybe even now – I didn’t know exactly what’s next.  I’ve always been an insanely hard worker, graduated high school with college credits, graduated college early, got my Master’s Degree early and still… what is my purpose?

I shared with the young women details of this video below that has stood out to me ever since I watched it.

In today’s society (especially my fellow millennials), we often feel as if we’re not doing enough. I’ve compared myself to others thinking, “I’m 25 with 2 degrees, I should know exactly what I want to do by now”, and yesterday showed me that it’s okay. It’s okay to change your mind, okay to live outside of your comfort zone to find what you love, okay to still be figuring it out. Yesterday was a refresher that I love working with young women, and now I’m so inspired to continue that work and see where it takes me.




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